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Farming is hard work, be it tomatoes, wheat or cannabis. The Oberfelder family are cannabis farmers dealing with all the challenges of farming, but with the added bias, morals and ever-changing regulations they enter a league of their own. This documentary gives us an insight into the growing pains in the fastest growing business in the state.

Farming legal cannabis in Washington State:

The Good, the Bad, and the Happy.  


cannabis,marijuana , cannabis farming, cannabis film
Jeff Oberfelder
Shelley Oberfelder
Spencer Oberfelder
TrailBlazin Productions, Documentary, Cannabis Farm Film
Danielle Rosellison


Trailer 1   1:10 min

Trailer 2  1:33 min


Film Production Team:

Bob Ridgley,  Director

Julia Clifford, Editor

Bob Ridgley & Doug Anderson, Cinematography 

Sound, Binary Recording Studio

A look inside one of the fastest growing industries in the state of Washington.

Awarded "Best Washington State Film" at the Ellensburg  Film Festival 

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Review of film:  Cascade Weekly

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